We offer the following services:

  • Planning advice & feasibility studies.

    It is a sad fact that free planning advice is becoming a thing of the past and most Council's now charge for informal planning advice relating to new dwellings or proposals of a commercial nature. Local Planning Authorities now typically charge £250 + VAT per hour or more for a meeting and £150 + VAT for responding to letters enquring about the likely acceptability of proposed developments. Despite these charges, the advice that is given is provided at officer level only, is not binding upon the Council and offered entirely without predjudice to the formal position of the Local Planning Authority. Understandably, Councils tend to take a very cautious approach in offering such advice and, often, that approach deters people at the outset from pursuing a development proposal even though there may in fact be a very reasonable prospect of success with an application or an appeal. 

    We offer a free initial telephone consultations and can provide a comprehensive planning advice service for a fixed fee of £180 plus travel expenses. This service covers an initial investigation, a site meeting and, where appropriate, a written response or report. This fee is fixed and applies irrespective of how long the initial meeting/consultation and background investigations take.   

  • Preparation and submission of planning applications.

    We can prepare any type of application for planning permission, applications for listed building consent, applications for conservation area consent, applications for certificates of lawful development, applications for advertisement consent or any other type of planning application.  

  • Preparation of plans, drawings and professional planning statements.

    We have the skills and ability 'in house' to provide drawings, planning statements, design and access statements, heritage statements and similar documents.  We can provide expert assistance and advice with regard to conservation matters and proposals affecting listed buildings. 

  • Planning appeals.

    We can prepare and submit planning appeals on your behalf, advise you upon the best format of the appeal and, if necessary, represent you at an appeal 'Informal Hearing' or as an expert witness
     at a 'Public Inquiry'.  We have an excellent track record with regard to appeal success.

  • Protection from Enforcement  Action

    We can advise you on what to do if your property becomes the subject of planning enforcement action such as an enforcement notice, breach of condition notice or a planning contravention notice. We can investigate your defence options and, where appropriate, submit an appeal on your behalf or negotiate an alternative solution with the Local Planning Authority. (NB - there is no right of appeal against a breach of conditions notice).

  • Objections or other representations to planning applications

    If you wish to either support or strongly object to a planning appeal or planning application, then we can draft and submit a professional representation on your behalf to maximise the impact of your comments.

    Please note - we will not submit an objection or other representation on your behalf if we deem that it would be prejudicial to the interest of an existing or previous client of ours. 

  • Building Regulations

    We can submit applications on your behalf for approval under the Building Regulations.